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Justice for all – that’s what most people believe in. Although justice means different things to everyone, most take it to mean that all humans are created equally, that our civil rights will not be infringed upon, and that crime will be answered by punishment.
Justice is based on several philosophical ideas including moral consciousness, law and religion. Several philosophers have debated the meaning of justice. Do you know the name of Plato’s seminal teaching on Justice? While some believe that the Supreme Court is the final say on Justice, others believe that the ultimate judgment is handed down by God. Are you a Scholar of Justice? Test whether you are just and true by taking on our challenging quizzes.
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These are the some questions which will tell you that whether you are more on care or justice. There is no right or wrong thing. The scores on your questionnaire show how strongly you prefer one or another of two major styles for...

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    Which of the following statements is worse to you?

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    The mediator between people's essential and selfishness and generosity is 

Take this quiz to find out what you learned from our GLOG!

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    How many trips to the South did Harriet Tubman make to resuce slaves?

Quiz on chapters 1 through 5.

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    Which of the following is NOT a Mala Prohibita crime.

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    Functionally related agencies are:

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Justice Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Justice and Judge?
The judge refers to someone who will be in charge of deciding certain aspects regarding a case. For example, there is someone who is being charged with a crime in court. The judge, together with the jury, will help decide if the person is guilty or n
What are the 3 types of jury challenges that are recognized in criminal courts?
1.) challenge to the array, 2.)challenges for cause, and peremtory challenges,
What is the difference between Justice and Revenge?
Justice and Revenge are two different words entirely, while the both seek a fair and balanced treatment to be served on someone who was caught to have committed a crime, the path to follow to get this achieved is totally different. Justice is always
What are the main principles of the YCJA?
Accountability & proportionality: the punishement should be fair to the crime that the child has commitedrestorative values: allowing the child to rebuild their relationship with the community and the victimrespect for social values: dont discriminat