Justice Vs. care (What's Your Ethical Style)

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Justice Vs. care (Whats Your Ethical Style) - Quiz

These are the some questions which will tell you that whether you are more on care or justice. There is no right or wrong thing. The scores on your questionnaire show how strongly you prefer one or another of two major styles for recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Which of the following statements is worse to you?

    • A.

      Hurting someone's feelings by telling the truth

    • B.

      Telling a lie and protecting their feelings

  • 2. 

    Which of the following is the worst mistake of management near to you?  

    • A.

      To apply rules too rigidly

    • B.

      To make exceptions too freely

  • 3. 

    Your manager gives you an order that will hurt someone feelings or to do an unethical actions. If you accept and perform the order, have you actually done anything wrong?

    • A.


    • B.


  • 4. 

    Which option is more imperative in determining whether an action is Right or Wrong?

    • A.

      When anyone actually gets hurt

    • B.

      When a rule/morality/ethics/law or principle is broken

  • 5. 

    When it comes to make decisions whatever its personal or management decisions you mostly relay on?

    • A.

      Hard Facts and Figures

    • B.

      Personal feelings or Intuitions

  • 6. 

    Which one of the following is better to be?  

    • A.

      Sympathetic (Kind)

    • B.

      Fairness (Honesty/Integrity)

  • 7. 

    Which statement will be worst to you?

    • A.

      Breaking a promise to a friend for no good reason

    • B.

      Stealing something valuable from someone for no good reason

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