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What is a tool that supports traceability, recording of incidents or scheduling of tests called?
Correct answer should beTest Management tool - accdg to the ISTQB syllabus. Test manager tools provide interfaces for executing tests, tracking defects and managing requirements... Configuration Management tools are necessary for Storage and version
Which of the following test cases andexpected results is VALID?
This question is hard to answer mainly because the details that are written in the choices are wrong. First of all, the premium cannot be 0 for all of the choices because based on the table, there are different numbers that are given. If A is the rig
Which of the following is a part of Test Closure Activities? i. Checking which planned deliverable have been delivered. ii. Defect report analysis. iii. Finalizing and archiving test...
The correct answer is option A (I, II, IV are true and III is false). Test closure is a document that gives a summary of all tests conducted during the software development cycle. Test closure activities are activities that are performed at the end