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    In the ABO blood system, you normally can be type :

MLT Blood Bank Questions

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    Agglutination only with Anti-B typing serum indicates the blood is group

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Immunohematology is defined as blood banking. It which studies antigen-antibody reactions and analogous phenomena as they relate to the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of blood disorders. One must admit that this is...

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    How is the professional who studies human blood gets called?

Immunohematology Questions & Answers

What does the cell type Rh2 correspond to?
There are two CDE answers. Shouldn't the correct answer include little "c"?
What is the most likely finding when determining the phenotype for the ABO blood system?
The answer to this is A. O is recessive. According to the rules, O is known to be a recessive blood type. A is a dominant blood type and B is dominant as well which makes them co-dominant. There are different blood types that people are supposed to h