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Immunity is not just a strategic tool on reality television shows, keeping a contestant from getting eliminated during the current round. Immunity is the holy grail of health, the body’s own ability to ward off infection and disease. There are two types of immunity: innate immunity, or the immunities a person is born with, and adaptive immunity, which means immunity achieved through contact with the disease by vaccination or otherwise. So what do you know about the study of immunity? What qualifies as naturally acquired immunity and what is artificially acquired immunity? What’s the difference between active and passive immunity?

What are the markers of humoral immunity and cell mediated immunity? Who was the first scientist to posit a theory of immunity? What disease brought about the first major use of vaccine in Europe? Can some immunities be passed from a mother to the fetus during pregnancy? What are the four types of traditional vaccines? If you’re feeling up to the challenge, check out our quizzes on immunity!

A quiz on Innate Immunity

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    Macrophages and Neutrophils play a role in the Innate Immune Reaction

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    Which of the following describes negative selection of immature B cells?

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    -ONe of the following sentences is not true regarding the spleen:  

Our immune system has a way of treating alien material within the body by noticing what is harmful to the day to day operations of the organs and what is not and creating defensive measure. Take up the viral path immune...

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    Which structure serves as the target for neutralizing antibodies when dealing with an enveloped, (-) ssRNA virus?

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    Which is(are) the effector cell(s) involved in ADCC? (More than 1 answer)

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Immunity Questions & Answers

Which of the following is not a phagocyte?
Wrong. it should be mast cell which has to do with degranulation and release of histamines.
What is Herd Immunity?
Resistance of the entire community because of the people immune within the community
What type of organism is Organism Z likely to be?
1. an intracellular bacterium-vaccines containing killed pathogens or antigenic components (subunits like peptides) do not enter host cells. hence, they induce a b cell-mediated humoral response. on the other hand, live attenuated live vaccines do