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Homeostasis refers to the idea that something will always try to return to a baseline. Most living things have some degree of homeostasis. It’s the process that allows the human body to react to the world around it. Did you know that technology has created systems with artificial homeostasis?
Examples are cruise control, thermostats, and autopilot systems. Did you know that some of the body conditions that are affected by homeostasis include the pH of urine, body temperature, blood glucose levels, and hydration status? Homeostasis requires three different things to function. Can you name them? If you said a sensor to monitor the situation, a mechanism for change, and a connection to allow feedback, then you might be ready to take some of our trivia quizzes and see how much you really know.
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How much do you know about homeostasis? Homeostasis alludes to the ability of an organism or environment to maintain stability despite adversity and change. The human body’s internal body temperature is an excellent example...

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    Sweating is a form of homeostasis.

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    Homeostasis is also termed a dynamic equilibrium because


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    A regulatory mechanism in which the response to a stimulus, in a control system, causes the controlled variable to move furthur from a steady state. 

Homeostasis quiz: Human body system questions. Homeostasis is basically the body’s ability to maintain its internal processes taking into account what is happening in the environment that a living thing exists. The main...

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    If the environment gets cold, we will often shiver in order to:

What do you know about homeostasis? Homeostasis is the state of a steady internal, physical, and chemical condition, which are maintained by the living system. The state of equilibrium is the condition for the correct way to...

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    Testes controls the development of  sex organs in males.

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Homeostasis Questions & Answers

What is homeostasis?
Homeostasis is the ability of the body to maintain its organ's conditions constant despite the change in the condition of the environment
Are bone tissue and fat connective tissues?
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How would the body respond to an increased environmental temperature?
Increased environmental temp (heat) results in sweating and dilation of blood vessels (therefore B and D are correct). Hairs on the body erect to trap a layer of warm air when the organism senses cold.
What are the steps in homeostasis?
Stimulus bring about changes to the receptors, when the receptor detect some changes the series of information starts.From RECEPTORS up to central nervous system(CONTROL CENTRE) through an AFFERENT PATHWAY where by sent massage is interpreted. Then f
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