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A comprehensive database of height quizzes online, test your knowledge with height quiz questions. Our online height trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top height quizzes.

Height is something which dictates how tall a person or item is. The height is often taking relative to the ground on which something or someone is standing. Of course there are many things for which your measured Height is needed. Height is required to properly hem clothing, to set ergonomic chairs, and to establish proper bed height. Many things in the world are situated relative to the height of an individual. For example, most commercial chairs are manufactured at a height relative to knee level for the average person, such that when they bend at the knee they can easily slide into the chair.

Sometimes height is also cause for jokes. Many short jokes and tall jokes have been cultivated over the years for those who are above or below the average height. If you want to test your knowledge of height, take one of our many quizzes.  


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