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    These are economic resources with the ability or potential to provide future benefits?

Financial Accounting means to analyze, summarize, and record financial transactions as well as to show an accurate picture of the financial affairs of the company. This quiz has been developed to test your knowledge of...

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    The stock is attractive to investors because stockholders are not liable for the corporation's actions and debts and because the stock is easily transferred.

These are 5 True-False questions that were selected randomly from our mid-term exam for you to practice with.

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    Ethics are not important to the primary functions of accounting.

Financial Accounting Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Available Balance and Posted Balance?
Posted balance is the amount of balance you see in your bank account and is physically available for use. It is calculated as the outcome of a transaction which was executed in the past. A posted balance is the real balance posted on the actual bala
What type of concept example is this? Uncertainty and risks inherent in business situations should be adequately considered in financial reporting.
1. conservatism.-under the conservatism constraint, when alternative accounting methods are appropriate, the one having the less favorable effect on net income and total assets is preferable. however, conservatism does not permit a deliberate underst
What type of office salaries, advertising, and sales commissions are the examples?
The correct answer is option B Operating expenses is also known as operating expenditure, operational expenditure or operational expense. These expenses are expenditures that a business incurs to engage in activities associated with the production o
What is the interest revenue recorded by Nelson Inc. if they accept a $100,000 note at 8%? Use the following data. Date of Acceptance: April 1, 2012. Date of Receiving: March 31,...
The interest revenue off this $100,000 should be $8,000. This is actually fairly easy calculation. First, you divide $100,000 by .08. This gives you $8,000. That is literally all you need to do to find the interest revenue for the year this has been