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Email is a method of exchanging digital messages across the Internet. Now email is widely used in our daily work and life. How much do you know about it? Test your knowledge about with this e-mail quiz!  

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    What's the name for the program or service that lets you view e-mail messages?

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    Carbon copy others who are

Hi, The quiz is worth 100 marks and you need to score 85% and above to make the grade. There are 15 questions of which you need to get 13 correct. The quiz will last for 15 minutes post which the same will...

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    What are the things you should analyze regarding the tone of an email.

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    Whenever you enter a room for the first time, it takes only a few seconds for people you’ve never met to form perceptions about you and your abilities.

With the internet, we have email, which is a modern and efficient way of communicating across borders. What do you know about email etiquette? Take up the quiz and find out what is the acceptable to go about emails.

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 552   |  Last updated: Mar 28, 2018
  • Sample Question
    Why should you not type in all caps when writing an email?


Email Etiquette Questions & Answers

What is considered to be poor e-mail etiquette?
The rules of etiquette when writing an email are similar to those during a conversation. If you are writing an email to your employer you would not begin the email with slang like "yo" or "sup" but to friends it is acceptable. A
What is the best way to make several points while writing an email?
If you would like to make several points in an email, it is best that you will choose the bullets option. This means that you are going to use lists with bullets or numbers. This will help the recipient of the email to understand what points you woul
What should you copy (cc) when sending a message?
When you CC someone on an email, their email address is visible to those who see the email. So, you should only CC those that absolutely need to see this email, or answer C. If you CC your boss and your boss’s boss on the wrong email, you could
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