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There are a lot of people who are always wondering what the ideal classroom is going to be. There was a time when teachers are supposed to be teacher-centered but right now, the classroom is already known to be centered around students. The role of the teacher is to allow still the students to learn, but this time, teachers will make more effort to make sure that the visual students will have the chance to understand the lessons properly.

There are also some things that people can do so that even the introverted students who do not want to raise their hands and recite will be able to show the right answer. The classroom is known to be an area wherein the students can learn all the required lessons. You can learn more about the ideal classroom for you when you check the quizzes online.

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  • What type of technology is Socrative?
    Classroom question from

  • Which of the descriptions below best matches your technology?
    Classroom question from

  • How do students access/login to this technology?
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  • In order to improve the learning of my students I need to: 

  • An area in which I hope to grow this year is:

  • I’m about to start teaching a new unit.  What’s the first thing I do? 

  • If you came into my classroom, you would see me using eCLASS C&I:
    Classroom question from

  • If you came into my classroom, you would see my students using Discussion Boards:
    Classroom question from

  • If you came into my classroom, you would see students using Dropboxes:
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