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A biomolecule sounds like a complicated word, but do you know that it is simply a molecule present in a living thing? Every plant and animal is made up of biomolecules. It is a broad category that includes proteins and lipids, nucleic acids, and any other types of molecules.
Did you know that saccharides, one type of biomolecule, are the simplest form of carbohydrate? Or that one of the primary ways to study molecules is by cloning them in laboratories? Many people have heard of the northern, southern, western, and eastern blotting tests, but do you know where those terms came from? If you think you know the answers, take our quizzes and see if you’re ready for your labcoat!

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    Which is a mono saccharide among the following:

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    Glucose molecule reacts with X number of molecules of phenylhydrazine to yield osazone. The value of X is

This quiz covers biomolecules, including enzymes. It is timed!

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    Glucose, the primary source of energy for a cell, is a type of

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    Which biomolecule below contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorous?

Biomolecule Questions & Answers

Which is an amino acid?
1. B is correct. A is glucose, a monosaccharide. C is glycerol, one of the compounds that make triglyceride (which is a polymer of lipid when glycerol is bound with fatty acids). D is a nucleotide (phosphate group, sugar denoted by the pink pentagon,
What holds amino acids together?
A peptide bond is responsible for holding amino acids together. This means that the answer to this question is D. A peptide bond is formed whenever molecules from the carboxyl group react with other atoms of the amino acid group. Take note that the f
Which class of large biological molecules does the unknown liquid most likely belong to? You have isolated an unidentified liquid from a sample of beans. You add the liquid to a beaker of water and...
B is the answer to this question. The main reason why you can tell that this is lipids is because of the reaction of water with the other liquid. They separated from each other. Lipids are unable to mix with water properly. If in case you are not too
What is Homeostasis best described as?
Ability to maintain and regulate stable internal conditions of the cell.