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A chemical bond is an attraction between atoms that allows the formation of chemical substances that contain two or more atoms. In other words, atoms like to be happy. And in order to get happy their atomic shells have to be full. Like us, atoms feel better with a full stomach. So that part was easy.

But, “What are the rules for constructing the wave functions for the hybrid orbitals?”, “What are Homonuclear Molecules and Hetero-nuclear molecules?”, “What is the importance of hydrogen bonding in sustaining life?”, and ”What is Band Model of the Metallic Bonding?” These are question that not many of us are able to answer without an in depth research of our chemistry books. But, if you think you are a master of chemical bonding, take these quizzes and show your bonding skills! 
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Learn the Symbols and Valency for the 24 most common ions

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Chemical bonding is the attraction between atoms, molecules, and ions, which helps in the creation of chemical compounds. Do you know the different types of bonding, and what makes them stand out? Are covalent bonds indeed...

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  • Sample Question
    Attractive forces that link atoms together.

In the chemistry class, students learn about ions and that they usually have the same number of protons and neutrons. We also got to know some of the Ions, and in this trivia quiz, you will get to test your knowledge about names...

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    The charge of beryllium is:

Can you recognise which type of bonding is present in these chemicals?

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    Which type of bonding would you find in Sodium Chloride?

As we continue to learn more about atoms and the chemical changes they undergo it is important to ensure we are on our feet regarding what we have already covered. The quiz below will help you know what you understand on...

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    . What is the identity of element X?


Chemical Bond Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Adenine and Guanine?
Our DNA contains blueprints or genetic information for our cells to function and reproduce. DNA is vital for its normal growth and functioning. DNA is made up of 4 compounds which are adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. Adenine and guanine are m
What is the difference between Ionic and Covalent bond?
There are two types of chemical bonding, covalent and ionic. In the ionic system of chemical bonding, the atoms are linked together in ionic bonding, and the atoms are connected. In ionic bonding, the electrons are completely transferred from one bon
What is the difference between Covalent and Polar Covalent?
Before I explain the major differences between covalent and polar covalent bond, it is important to know that the polar covalent bond is just a type of covalent bond. A covalent bond refers to a chemical bond in which two atoms share the valence elec
Which type of bond will form between cobalt and iron?
Polar covalent because co and iron is metal so i can not suggest this answer
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