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When two atoms join together in a covalent bond, they form a molecule that shares electrons. Unlike in the ionic bond, neither of the atoms in a covalent bond loses or gains an electron; instead, both atoms use a pair of shared electrons.

The simplest covalent bonds form between atoms of the same element. To help predict which atoms are likely to form covalent bonds, scientists use the octet rule. This rule states that atoms are most stable (and, thus, nonreactive) when their first electron shell has two electrons and any outer shells have eight electrons.

If you want to know the answer to the questions “What does a covalent bond involve?”, “Where do the electrons in a covalent bond come from?”, and “What sort of elements form a covalent bond?”, then take these quizzes to understand the chemistry of the covalent bond!

A 7-question practice quiz on Covalent Bonding at

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    Why do nonmetals covalently bond?

This is a quiz on covalent bonds of atoms.

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    What is  a chemical bond that involves sharing a pair of electrons between atoms in a molecule?

JaclynHonors Chemistry Period 6Covalent Bonding Quiz

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    The rule that states that atoms will tend to bond in such a way that they will gain 8 electrons in their outermost energy shell is the...

In covalent bond electron pairs are shared between atoms and in a Covalent crystal, atoms are connected with covalent bonds. How much do you know about this topic? Take this test and find out!

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    Usually Covalent crystals have how many dimensions?

How well do you know covalent bonds and ionic bonds? Take this easy quiz to find outtt!

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    What is a covalent bond?

Covalent Bond Questions & Answers

What is the chemical formula of nitrogen chloride and how is it prepared?
Nitrogen chloride or trichloramine is an unstable ionic compound formed when an ammonium salt is completely chlorinated. Simply speaking, a reaction between ammonium nitrate and chlorine can form it. There are stages in this reaction and the mixture
How many electrons do Chlorine and Nitrogen need to to get a full outer shell?Nitrogen has an electron configuration of 2,8,5. Chlorine has an electron configuration of 2,8,7.
An electron has an electric charge which has a mass of about 1/1836 compared to its opposite which is a proton. Electrons are found in atoms and are specifically found around the central nucleus. The shape of the nuclei changes based on how many elec
What happens to electrons in a covalent bond as they are neither gained or lost?
Shared between atoms, shared, shared., shared between atoms.