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There’s no denying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend around the world. First making his name as a body builder, then as an actor, and later as a politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger has literally done it all. Arnold is most famous for appearing in the Terminator movies.

Do you know how many times he has been in a Terminator movie? Amazingly, Arnold was elected governor of California in 2003, a position he held for 11 years. Do you know which film Arnold’s most famous quote, “I’ll be back”, is from? For a true fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, that should be easy! Test the rest of your knowledge of Schwarzenegger’s amazing career by taking one of our Arnold Schwarzenegger quizzes now!
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    Schoenberg was perceived as a radical.  How did he see himself?

Do you really know everything about Arnold Schwarzenegger? Take this quiz to test yourself!

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    How old is he?

Born on the 30th day of July, Arnold was the 38th governor of California. He served between the 17th day of November of 2003 and the 3rd day of January 2011. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a popular governor in the United States of...

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    Where was Arnold born?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a renown actor and politician who was the governor of California. Arnold was born in Austria and had German roots. Arnold has written many books and featured in many successful movie productions. Have you...

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    How old was Arnold when he won Mr. Universe? 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a former governor of California. He was also a former professional bodybuilder and is currently an actor, author, and businessman, among many other things. What do you know about Arnold Schwarzenegger?...

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    What year was Arnold born?


Arnold Schwarzenegger Questions & Answers

When did Arnold Schwarzenegger shift from acting to politics?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, politician and also a former professional bodybuilder. He was born on July 30, 1947. It started his career as a bodybuilder, later he went into acting and at a certain point of his life he joined p
Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger never run for president?
Arnold Schwarzenegger started his political career after he quit acting in 2003. He contested for the governorship post during a recall election that sacked Grey Davis. After the completion of the first term, he was also reelected as the Governor of
Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger considered the best bodybuilders of all time?
The question as to why Arnold Schwarzenegger is mostly referred to as the greatest of all time when it comes to bodybuilding is not actually because of the amazing, thick muscles and physique he has, but because he was different when he was actively
What controversies about Arnold Schwarzenegger are known?
If you are indeed a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or one of his supports, chances are that you would have heard a lot of controversies around him. This is understandable, the fact remains that he is a public figure as he was once a two term governor
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