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      A halogenated anesthetic that causes fast induction and recovery  

William T. G Morton was the first person in the world to successfully demonstrate the use of ether anesthesia for surgery. Today anesthetics render a patient unresponsive and unconscious, most patients may have amnesia and...

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    A 43-year-old patient underwent an emergency minor arm repair procedure after a car accident. A standard dose of lidocaine was administered near the brachial plexus for peripheral nerve block. Which of the following adverse effects would most likely occur after the administration?

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    A 14 year old patient visits the dentist for a scheduled removal of his wisdom teeth. The dentist notes removal of two of the wisdom teeth will require surgery. The oral surgeon plans to use an anesthetic with good analgesic and sedative properties but which does not cause relaxation of the skeletal muscles. Which is the drug the surgeon will most likely use?

Clinical neuro 3

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    Using these 2 drugs together allows maximum benefits while minimizing adverse effects

When you are under general anesthesia you are completely unconscious and unable to feel a thing during medical procedures. There are different drugs used with different effects. Take up the quiz and see what you know about...

Questions: 35  |  Attempts: 109   |  Last updated: Sep 13, 2018
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    Anesthesia for surface pain or pre-anesthetic for subsequent deeper injections

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Anesthetics Questions & Answers

Which of the following local anesthetics is mainly metabolized by the liver?
The answer to this is B. Bupivacaine is known to be a type of prescription medication. This is known to cause the numbing of a certain area so that the body will not send pain pulses to the brain. Anesthesia is normally used when people have to under
Which of the following adverse effects would most likely occur if a standard dose of lidocaine was administered near the brachial plexus for peripheral nerve block?
This particular patient would most likely experience drowsiness. The drug is used as a local paresthetic, inducing a numbness in one specific area. It can be given via an IV, or applied directly to the area that is to be numbed. When lidocaine is use