9th Grade English Quizzes & Trivia

Below is a trivia quiz being the English Test for 9th Grade! If you are a ninth grader and are looking to test out your knowledge of the English language, writing sentences, and vocabulary, the quiz below is perfect for you as it...

Questions: 40  |  Attempts: 6869   |  Last updated: Nov 14, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Select the option which completes the following sentences correctly. Make sure it makes sense. He seems to be getting ________________ at soccer.

Basic English practice exam. It only consists of grammar. Based on a 9th-grade level.

Questions: 19  |  Attempts: 340   |  Last updated: Feb 14, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Use with sentence one. "for" is a(n)

Multiple Choice Test for the literature terms in 9th grade english 

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 260   |  Last updated: Jan 11, 2013
  • Sample Question
    What is the definition of an allusion

Directions:  Correctly Answer Each Question on This Midterm.  You have all period to complete the required material.  Use your notes.  Good Luck. 

Questions: 37  |  Attempts: 209   |  Last updated: Jan 9, 2013
  • Sample Question
    This part of speech identifies a person, place, thing, or idea. 

This is awesome quiz to take to prepare you for your english exam.

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 175   |  Last updated: Feb 19, 2013
  • Sample Question
    What is Shakespeare's Sonnet form?

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