9th Grade Chemistry Quizzes & Trivia

Chemistry is a subject that people may either love or hate. Some people like chemistry because they find it fascinating to know the reactions when two chemicals are mixed. They will even take down notes so that they know exactly what is going to happen when they repeat the same experiment. Students in the 9th grade who are taking chemistry may know more about the atom in detail.

This is the time when they will learn more chemical bonding occurs and what exactly prompts the chemicals to bond with each other. They can also learn more details about the parts of the atom and what each piece does. They can study for the quizzes that they may have in chemistry by taking some online quizzes too. Some of these are just complete with the questions that may be asked when you are studying chemistry.

A quiz for those who have just been introduced to the basics of atomic chemistry.

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    Which of the following would not be found in the structure of all atoms?

Atoms are the smallest and main building blocks of ordinary matter, and they join together to form molecules that make the objects around us. In 9th grade chemistry, we got to dive deeper into the makeup and the elements as a...

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    Elements consist of only one type of atom. 

Chemistry is the branch of science which deals specifically with the elements on the periodic table, as well as compounds, all of which are composed of atoms, molecules, and ions. In this quiz, we aim to boost your knowledge on a...

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    Which of the following are four primary indicators of a physical change?

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    Several models of what the atom may have looked like were made. The earliest model, representing the atom as a positively charged sphere in which negatively charged electrons were embedded, was developed by:

Review of subatomic particle and ion and isotopes families and density

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    this subatomic particle has a positive charge

9th Grade Chemistry Questions & Answers

Which of the following would not be found in the structure of all atoms?
The answer to this is C. Some atoms may not have electrons, but it will be hard to find any atom that will have chromosomes. Chromosomes are usually found in the DNA. Chromosomes are known to be thread-like, and they will pass the DNA of the cells. C
What are the physical properties of a salt?
-Solid-White-Crytal shaped-Slight OdourSalt is opaque and has a very minimal odour.
What mass of potassium oxide was used if some potassium oxide was placed in 9g of water and 112g of potassium hydroxide was produced?
The answer to this is 103 grams of potassium oxide. There are a lot of people who may know that this is the answer because they have seen this question before but they have no idea how this was solved. The word equation for this is Potassium oxide +
How many elements are present in two molecules of aspirin if the formula for aspirin is C9H8O4?
There are only three elements in two molecules of aspirin. If the formula for aspirin is C9H8O4, then there are nine carbon atoms, eight hydrogen atoms, and four oxygen atoms on every molecule of aspirin. It will not change from molecule to molecule.