9th Grade Math Quizzes & Trivia

If you can pass (get over 80%) all 8 of these questions, then you should have no problem passing the Gade 9 Math Exam. This one focuses on Mathematical Processes. Let's see where do you stand. 

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    What are the next three numbers in this sequence? 12, 9, 6, 3...

This is a basic quiz created to help you prepare for your final mathematics exam. The topics covered in this quiz are graphs, algebra, geometry and problem-solving.

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    Complete the following algebraic sum:

For those uninterested in the subject, mathematics can come across as merely a series of numbers, letters and problems all put together to ruin your day, but the study is extremely fulfilling if you put a little thought into its...

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    A is 40% of B. What percentage is B of A?

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    0.0085 as scientific notation is 

20 Multiple Choice Questions

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    What is the surface are of a circle with Diameter= 3.67, pi being 3.1415?

9th Grade Math Questions & Answers

What happens to the area if each dimension is doubled? A rectangular yard measures 8 m by 6 m.A. It becomes four times smallerB. NothingC. It becomes twice as largeD. It...
For anyone wondering, take both of the numbers and multiply THEM BOTHby two. Many times, people will make the mistake of multiplying the whole equation by 2. But you can't do that.Imagine you have a rectangle one side is 8m and the other side is 6m.
How many posts are needed? A fence will be built to enclose a 100-m by 70-m field. It will need a post at each corner and one every 5 m. 
The solution that you have has two posts instead of a post at each corner.The real answer is 64.2(100/5)+2(70/5)-4=2(20)+2(14)-4=40+28-4=64Therefore 64 posts are needed.
How many different bracelets can be made?
You have to take in how many positions the red beads can go in with the blue beads. There's just too many.
What is the best strategy to use if we want to find out how many different scores are possible with 3 arrows?
Make a table and use patterning. Patterns, connections, and functions constitute a binding topic of arithmetic. From the soonest age, understudies ought to be urged to research the patterns that they find in numbers, shapes, and articulations, and,