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Hey buddy, if you are an 8th grader and looking for some revision material for your science subject, this quiz is designed for you and anyone who wants to test their knowledge on the same. Give it a try and remember to continue...

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    Which type of star is the sun?

Prepare for tests and exams using this review quiz on cells.

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    Which of the following is false?

Science is a fun subject to learn, and it gives us a clear picture of what goes on in the world today and the processes behind it. It may look difficult to understand as you keep going from grade to grade, but with proper...

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    Elements with atomic numbers higher than 92 are not natural but can be created by man or____________, by crashing nuclear particles into each other.

Scientific knowledge allows us to develop new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions both individually and collectively. Over the year we have learnt a lot in our science class and with the exams...

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     cells that conduct messages are called

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    A light bulb converts __________ energy into ________ energy when you flip on a switch.

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8th Grade Science Questions & Answers

Is Sun the largest star in the universe?
The most massive star in the universe is, in fact, not the sun, it is called UY Scuti, which is a hypergiant located in the constellation Scutum. UY Scuti has a radius that is larger than the sun even though the sun is the Earth’s dominant star
What is a stethoscope used for?
A stethoscope is a medical instrument used for listening to sounds (auscultation) produced within the body. It is primarily used to listen to the sounds made in the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal, and to hear the sounds of developing a fetus in a pre
Who uses Stethoscope?
Stethoscopes are used by doctors to check heart beat of a person.
How can elements with atomic numbers higher than 92 be created by crashing nuclear particles into each other?
They are synthesized and known as transuranium element. These transuranium elements are element with atomic number higher than 92. Atom are collections of neutrons, proton and electron. Changing of atomic number depends on the proton. Transuranium e
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