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In this class, we covered matters and what it entails. The test-quiz below includes five of the topics we have covered so far. The only way you can answer these questions with ease is if you were attentive. Give them a try and...

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    Distance is a ________________ quantity.

9th-grade science quiz; Are you a ninth-grader and have been having a hard time with your science classes? Worry no more as the quiz below is perfect for helping you revise all that we have covered. Give it a shot and keep an eye...

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    When is an atom stable?

Through science learning, we get to answer some of the questions that we may have concerning the universe and those found within it. Are you in ninth grade and wish to jog your memory on what we have learned so far? Take up the...

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    What is is the symbol for Sodium?

Mainly for personal use.

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    How many chromosomes should there be in a healthy (human) cell.

This is a quiz i needed to make in order to study. you should take it also!

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    The formula for Mass is

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9th Grade Science Questions & Answers

What is the difference between reproductive and therapeutic cloning?
Cloning is a scientific term that has been around for several years. It began when a sheep was cloned. This meant that an identical replica of the first sheep was produced by using the cells from the first sheep. The cloned sheep was known as Dolly.
What does an atom become when it gains an electron and why does it happen?
An atom that gains a negative electron, it becomes a negative ion. If it loses an electron it becomes a positive ion. Some atoms lose electrons and become positive ions. Others gain electrons and become negative ions. The atom then loses or gains a &
What makes Meiosis I different from mitosis?
There are many differences between Meiosis I and mitosis. However, the major difference that separates the two into different processes is that in meiosis I, the daughter cells have a random chromosome assortment that which comes from the parents. Wh
What body structure protects the lungs from outside harm?
The lungs are protected by a strong cage of bones on both sides of the body. This is the rib cage which supports the shoulder girdle to form the core of the human skeleton. One thing about the ribs, unlike other bones of the body, is that when one or
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