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A word is the basic building block of language. It can be a spoken word, made up of phonemes, which are individual units of sound, or a written word, constructed from symbols called graphemes, such as the letters of the alphabet.

Whatever the language, spoken or written, a word is nothing more or less than a small unit of meaning. In most languages, words belong to one or other of a collection of classes, such as nouns, verbs adjectives and adverbs. The way all these work together is usually called grammar. We've put together a word quiz which will test your knowledge about words, their uses, and their meanings. In a word, it's fascinating!

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  • We have an ________ in our school to keep us safe. 

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  • In that tense situation l found the good news very ____________________. l felt rather ________________, so l put a soft cushion behind me. She sat in terrible __________________ on the hard chair for over an hour. If you’re all sitting ________________, then I’ll begin.
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  • The _______________ between the two soon developed into love. In London she was ______________ by a rich woman who looked after her and helped her. The desert is a dangerous, _________________ place. Everyone was very _____________towards me.
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  • Were spending too much. We must ____________________. This car uses a lot of petrol. lts terribly ______________________. The Chancellor (Minister of Finance) is responsible for __________________ affairs. The ____________ is in recession.
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  • When Josie reads her writing (allowed, aloud) she hears the mistakes she needs to fix.

  • Sari's gentle touch and her soft voice had a calming (affect, effect) on the frightened dog.

  • Everyone at the school assembly stood and cheered when Eddie went forward to (except, accept) the VIP award.