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A word is the basic building block of language. It can be a spoken word, made up of phonemes, which are individual units of sound, or a written word, constructed from symbols called graphemes, such as the letters of the alphabet.

Whatever the language, spoken or written, a word is nothing more or less than a small unit of meaning. In most languages, words belong to one or other of a collection of classes, such as nouns, verbs adjectives and adverbs. The way all these work together is usually called grammar. We've put together a word quiz which will test your knowledge about words, their uses, and their meanings. In a word, it's fascinating!

It is said that how you view yourself is different from how someone else can describe you. This is usually due to how your personality appears to them. Do you want to know six simple words that describe your personality? Take up...

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    If you could have any of these pets, any at all, what would it be?

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    His skin burns very easily ___________, he's decided to stay under an umbrella and wear lots of sunscreen.

Practice signal words before the quiz!

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    I need to go to the mechanic _______________ I have a problem with my car.

Sentence construction is complex and using a wrong word in a sentence washes off the intended message from the writers end. The quiz below is designed to help you see how good you are at completing sentences to give the...

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  • Sample Question
    We have an ________ in our school to keep us safe. 

Grammar test: choose the incorrect word! Sentences can be quite confusing if one does not use correct grammar or does no align their words correctly. Do you consider yourself quite capable of identifying what is wrong in a...

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 724   |  Last updated: Feb 12, 2020
  • Sample Question
    The penguin chicks cannot go into the water to get themselves own food until they have waterproof coats of feathers like their parents.

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Word Questions & Answers

What kind of movies do you have in mind", which word is a content word in this question?
The correct answer is option B. In the question above, the content word is “movies”. Content words are words that carry meaning of a sentence. It conveys information in a text or speech. They name object of their reality and qualities. N
Which answer best fits in the following sentence? You can pay with cash or write a _______.
The correct ans is cheque not check it mean check something like any type of work that school teachers check in school of children'
What is the longest English word without a vowel?
The longest English word without a vowel is symphysy. But this word is not very commonly used. The longest word without a vowel which is used commonly is today’s date is rhythms.
What is the difference between 'Bare' and 'Bear'?
Bare and bear are two words with so many differences. The only similarity between the two words is that they contain the same set of letters, though not in the same arrangement. Knowing the differences between these words, what they actually stand fo