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It is said that how you view yourself is different from how someone else can describe you. This is usually due to how your personality appears to them. Do you want to know six simple words that describe your personality? Take up...

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    If you could have any of these pets, any at all, what would it be?

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    His skin burns very easily ___________, he's decided to stay under an umbrella and wear lots of sunscreens.


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    Jack's fourth-grade class is going to the aquarium. An aquarium is a place with lots of creatures that are:

Here we present you an interesting quiz on rhyming words. In poetry or song, rhyming creates a particular flow in either form of art. Words that rhyme possesses the same sound. For example, a cat and hat or boat and coat are...

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Instructions: Answer as many question as you can in 10 minutes. Choose the correct answer on the choices below.

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    Which word does not have a similar meaning to - outcome

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What is the difference between Exhibit and Exhibition?
The words “exhibit” and “exhibition” are oftentimes used interchangeably, but these words are not the same. The two words do not mean the same thing. An exhibit refers to the display or show of something for others to see. A c
What is the difference between Looking and Seeing?
It is possible to have seen two English words that seem to have almost the same meaning, but that does not mean they are the same. Two examples of these words are looking and seeing. Although both involve using one's eyes, it does not mean they can b
Which word is a content word in this question?"What kind of movies do you have in mind"
In the question above, the content word is “movies”. Content words are words that carry meaning of a sentence. It conveys information in a text or speech. They name object of their reality and qualities. Nouns, main verbs, adjectives and
What is the difference between Fate and Coincidence?
Fate and coincidence are two different types of thought based on the experiences someone has throughout their lifetime. When people speak of fate, they are often referring to destiny, which is the romantic ideal of those who believe in the notion tha
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