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  • Which area would use the YELLOW Kanban bins?
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  • If my area uses GREEN bins on there Kanban trolley, would I need to record that I have taken them?
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  • Can I remove RED bins from the warehouse?
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  • Select one answer.  In VISION terminology, a Plant is:
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  • UNICEF must comply with UN IPSAS requirements.  In the area of warehouse management, IPSAS requires that UNICEF needs to track the value of UNICEF controlled inventory. 
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  • IPSAS requires that UNICEF report on the value of inventory. This requires that Goods which belong to UNICEF will be tracked separately from goods which belong to Implementing Partners. 
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  • Goods movements in SAP ERP are distinguished between goods receipts, goods issues, stock transfers and transfer posting. Which of the following statements are true regarding transfer postings and stock transfers? (3 correct answers)

  • A transfer posting usually refers to a change in a material's stock type. In a transfer posting, the material can remain in its original storage bin or be transferred, thus, do not need to be moved. Which of the following statements are true regarding a material-to-material transfer posting? (2 correct answers)

  • A Stock Transfer posting is the physical movement of inventory. They can occur at three different levels. Those are... (3 correct answers)

  • On warehouse server configuration, what represents WMS login ID and WMS password?

  • On warehouse server configuration, ‘Use LM location values’ drop down list is set to ‘Substitute’. Which of the below is true? Choose all that apply

  • On warehouse server configuration, ‘Reprocess event’ is checked. Which of the below is true? Choose all that apply.