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Dating back to the twentieth century, with the start of radio communication, telecommunication today has expanded employing computers, telephones, television. If you are curious about how telecommunication has evolved and what technology goes behind it, there is no better way than our online telecommunication quizzes having fun yet informative questions.
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    The maximum power in AM,when modulation index is

NC Computer Skills Quiz-Telecommunications/Internet

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    A _________ engine is a software program used by a search site to retrieve web pages from a search database that match certain criteria.

Telecommunication has broken barriers in the world today, and it is designed to make communication easier no matter the distance. Businesses are the biggest gainers when it comes to telecommunication. The quiz below is designed...

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    Unwanted electrical noise in the network will cause the SNR to decrease

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    Having an information signal change some characteristic of a carrier signal is called

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    Power-limited region is when

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Telecommunication Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Pulse and Tone?
Pulse dialing indicates the digit in the phone number by series of clicks, which corresponds only to that particular digit. It would then actually need a short pause so as to clearly identify a particular digit from the next one or the other one. Whi
What is the difference between Multiplexer and Decoder?
Today, there are a lot of devices that make use of signal in transmitting so many things. They make use of the signal to perform various operations they are designed to do. Examples of those devices are multiplexer and decoder. However, there are som
What is the most efficient method to increase the channel capacity operates in a power-limited region?
There are different methods that you can use but the most effective one has to follow a certain process in order to reach the maximum level of effectiveness. There is a need to increase the antennas in both the receiver antenna area and the transmitt
What is an AM signal without the carrier called?A. SSBB. Vestigial SidebandC. FM signalD. DSB
The answer to this is D. DSB. For those who are not familiar with what AM stands for, this means Amplitude modulation. This is a technique that is usually done in electronic communication. This means that with the help of this, it will be easier for
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