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Is Joe Versus the Volcano or Dante’s Peak your favorite flick? Do you know your Mount Vesuvius from your Mount Saint Helens and your Krakatoa from your Kilauea? Are you bursting with the knowledge of when Mount Pinatubo, Mount Tambora and Mount Pelée last erupted? Can you pronounce Eyjafjallajokull? If so, this section of quizzes is for you.

How many active volcanoes are there in the world? Which one is most likely to erupt next? What effect does an ash cloud have on global weather? What do you do in case of an eruption? Only one percent of our planet is solid rock...the rest is oozing beneath our feet and waiting for a chance to erupt. Learn more and test your knowledge of magma, lava, ash, molten rock, famous peaks and frightening eruptions in our Volcano quizzes, and show off your explosive skills. The heat is on!
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    The Ring of Fire refers to the volcanoes that are

Test your knowledge on volcanoes and where they form, why some volcanoes are explosive, what kind of landforms are produced by volcanic eruptions, and where volcanoes can be found in the solar system.By Grant Richards, Katrina...

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    Most of the athenosphere is _____ because of the pressure exerted by the lithosphere above it.

There are a lot of occurrences that occur on the earth surface that can be very disastrous in high levels. Earthquakes are usually as a result of shifts in the tectonic plates and volcanoes allow for hot lava, volcanic ash, and...

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    What is the richter scale

This is the quiz for the "Landslides Class"

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    What is another name for a landslide? (Check all that apply)Reference: Slide #2 "What is a landslide"

A Quiz to correlate your temper with a type of volcano... for fun...

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    How frequently do you lose your temper to some degree?

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Volcano Questions & Answers

What is the sequence of events before, during, and after a volcanic eruption?
When a volcano erupts it does not just simply erupt out of nowhere and then that's the end of it. The eruption of a volcano is a process. First of all a volcano is a way for magma from within the Earth to escape. When pressure from gases gets too gre
What is an opening in Earth's surface through which lava, hot gases, and rock fragments erupt?
Volcanoes are opening in earths surface through which lava, lava hot gases and rock fragments erupt
What things burst through an opening at the top of a volcano?
I put ash and gases and got the answer incorrect!