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Any DotA players in the house? "Epicenter" is the ultimate skill of Crixalis the Sand King and it’s like the eye of the storm… but only for earthquakes.

Have you ever experienced a big earthquake? Like ground shaking, building destroying earthquakes? Quite scary if you think about it. I bet you or some of your friends used to horse around and didn't take earthquake drills seriously back when you were in school.

But is it really something to laugh about? “What causes earthquakes?”, “What’s the difference between intensity and magnitude?” or “Why are tsunamis linked to earthquakes?” are some questions you might possibly encounter when taking our quizzes about earthquakes. Try getting a perfect score! Don’t be shaky, they're just quizzes. Get it? Shaky?
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Earthquakes are formed as a result of tectonic movement in the earth’s crust. The magnitude of an earthquake is directly proportional to how dangerous it is and the damage it will result in. During our science classes we...

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    Once the elastic limit of rocks is passed, they break and move along surfaces called ______.

After looking through the pages of this website, test your comprehension to see if you are prepared for an earthquake.

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    If you're wondering how your friends and family are doing after an earthquake, you should:

Rapid Changes of Earth Quiz #1

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    What is a sudden release of energy in the earth's crust or upper mantle, usually caused by movement along a fault plane?

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    1) The San Andreas fault can best be classified as a __________ fault.

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    Earthquakes occur when energy that has been built up between tectonic plate margins is released.

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Earthquake Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Earthquake and Aftershock?
Earthquakes and aftershocks are tremors that occur due to the discharge of energy from the crust of the earth. The main thing that distinguishes an earthquake from an aftershock is the magnitude of the quake arising from the same epicenter. Natural o
What is the difference between Focus and Epicenter?
Focus and epicenter are words used in geology; this word causes a lot of confusion amongst students while studying the causes of earthquakes. Focus is the point below the surface of the earth where the quake began while the epicenter is the point dir
What is the difference between an Earthquake with intensity 7.1 and an earthquake with intensity 7.2?
An earthquake occurs when the release of energy within the earth’s crust, which in frequency, size, and types of earthquakes found in a specific place over time. The seismism of a particular zone is a measure of over seven that can cause substa
What is the difference between Tsunami and hurricane?
A hurricane is known to be a type of storm that you can see in the atmosphere while the tsunami is usually the effect of an earthquake although it may sometimes form on its own. This is usually caused by a tidal wave that has started to appear in the
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