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A tornado is a rotating cloud that reaches up to 300mph, and it has the capacity of causing damage to about fifty miles. Most times, tornadoes are accompanied by tropical storms or hurricanes. Have you been reading the site on...

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    What type of storm is the most common in producing tornados?

Do you know what to do during a tornado? Would you know where to go if you were caught outside or in a house with no basement? Take the quiz and find out!

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    What does a tornado warning mean?

This quiz covers some of the information on the Year 8 Geography Exam. It cover fire, tornadoes, cyclones, El Nino and La Nina, Solstices and much  more.

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    Where does air pressure go?

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    What Is the difference between a Tornado and Cyclone?

In this quiz, you will be tested on how storms are classified, how these storms are tracked and monitored, and the instruments used for this storm. At the end there will be some fun facts. Good luck!

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    What scale measures the wind speed of a tornado?


Tornado Questions & Answers

What type of people study weather?
People who study the weather are called meteorologists. There are some people who feel that meteorologists are only studying meteors but this is not true at all. Meteorologists are people who study different things that happen in the atmosphere. A me
What is the difference between Twister and Tornado?
One of the wildest storms ever is Tornadoes. I even read somewhere that it's the most destructive of storms. These destructive spinning winds can travel over 200mph. Twisters, as we use to hear them, are not in no peculiar way different from Tornadoe
What does ENSO stand for in geography?
Known as El Nino, this weather pattern includes a warming trend. It is truly a phenomenon. El Nino has to do with the ocean and its currents. The current from the colder water moves or is drawn to the front in order to cool the warmer water. Weather
What are tornadoes called when they form over water?
Tornadoes that form over water are called waterspouts. There are three categories of waterspouts: tornadic waterspouts which form downward over water and have the probability to move from land to water, fair weather waterspouts which move very little
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