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  • Which best describes urbanization?
    Which best describes urbanization?
    Urbanism is best defined as “the increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas”. The actual definition, courtesy of Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, is “the characteristic way of living of those in cities”. Urbanism refers more to how people live than the places that they live in. However, some do use ‘urbanism’ to refer to where people live. It also depends on the context of what is said when the word is used. That said, this word was first used in 1884, when cities started to become a thing. It was used to refer to the definition asked for by this question, the increase in people in the urban areas. In this context, it was meant to be a way to resist change.

  • This picture is most likely the result of
    This picture is most likely the result of
    (A). Immigration The above image is of Fredericksburg, which is located in the US state of Texas and is renowned for its German immigrants.

  • CHECK ALL of the following that are problems caused by urban sprawl:
    CHECK ALL of the following that are problems caused by urban sprawl:
    Rapid population growth leads to stressed infrastructure Rapid population growth combined with a lack of jobs can lead to abandoned properties

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