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Social interaction can take two forms, what are they? The word 'social' itself comes from the Latin word socii, but what does that mean? In which country did the political and economic term socialism originate? So far, you could be a social quizzes champion.
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In the world today, there are different social classes that people identify with based on their income or those of where they are from. One can either be classified as rich, upper-middle-class, middle class or just a commoner....

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    Do you have a job?

It is a known fact that for every action there is a reaction, be it in physics or social. Just how much do you understand when it comes to cause and effect? The quiz below will see how accurate in your understand on...

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    What is the cause? Jose drank two glasses of ice-cold water

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    When the likelihood of carrying out a beahviour is increased by simply watching the behaviour and its consequences being reinforced by someone else, this is known as:

Human beings are meant to socialize with each other and not to be alone. Some of us are less social and some are as social as anyone can be. It depends on a lot of things, but mostly it's what's in our nature. Complete...

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    When you are at the party which of these things are you most likely doing?

What's Your Social Status? Everyone fits in somewhere most of the time and if you do not have a crew you identify with you will find yourself feeling a little lonely. Are you the outcast or is your crew the most envied at...

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  • Sample Question
    First of all, how social are you?

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What is the difference between MySpace and Bebo?
Bebo and MySpace are two different social media platforms. Bebo was launched in January 2005 (over 14 years ago). It was founded by Michael Birch and Xochi Birch. Bebo is more popular in the United Kingdom and other European countries. MySpace was fo
What four elements account for observational learning (according to Bandura)?
Bandura is originally a behavioral model which is divided into 2 basic sections. One part focuses on the training aspect, the art of learning. Whereas the other part is based on the actual practice of the information that is learned. This allows you
Which water body can be found to the North of UAE?
The Persian Gulf has only trace elements of river sediment, and large quantities of silt are deposited by the Tigris, Euphrates, and Karun rivers in addition to other smaller streams that are intertwined because of the Gulf. There are hard parts as w
What is Social Stratification?
Social stratification assures division based on wealth. Thar's why the different social classes manage stereotypes and prejudice for those who do not have any economic heritage left to them.