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A few questions for respiratory therapists 

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    When implementing positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy the following are true:

A quiz for those in there first semester of respiratory therapy. Will help with the final and the end of the semester test.

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    EMTALA stands for what?

Respiratory Therapy Questions & Answers

Why does the heart appear larger in AP than a PA chest x-rays?
The film is farther from the heartThe heart is closer to the film when a P-A radiograph is taken because the film is placed in front of the patient and the x-rays penetrate from the back. Because of this, the hearts shadow is closer to normal size c
When implementing positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy the following are true:
The patient inhale larger then normal tidal volume. Is a worthy alternative to Chest Physio-therapy.The patient should use controlled diaphragmatic breathing to inspire volumes larger then their tidal volume at pressures of 10-20cmH20 to achieve thei