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Did you know that renaissance is a popular period in Europe known for the supreme revival of literature, art, and learning? Do you know what characterizes this period? Take these online renaissance quizzes and learn interesting facts and trivia.

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The Renaissance is a good part of the Italian History and it is all tested and assessed in the online quiz below. Get to understand the timelines and the details of it better. It is a fun quiz, please enjoy.

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  • Sample Question
    We know that the word "Renaissance" means rebirth, but from what lanaguage is it translated?

A simple quiz to test your general knowledge of the Renaissance.

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    The word "Renaissance" comes from the French word meaning:

In the Renaissance era, there is a lot of paintings, sculptures and decorative history whose traces can be seen to date. This era saw a lot of powerful painters such as Michelangelo whose work can be seen to date. This...

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    Which of these is not a Renaissance artist, architect or writer?

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    One book, "Utopia" was about how all mankind should be treated equally and how everyone should work together to achieve happiness. It was written by which person?

This quiz is about the early Renaissance.

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    A government where people can pick their own leader

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Renaissance Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Renaissance and Middle Ages?
Renaissance and Middle Age are two time periods in European history. The Renaissance period occurred during the 14th and 16th centuries. The Middle Age period happened during the 5th and 16th centuries. Both periods had innovations that came out of t
What was one outcome of the glorification of the body during the Renaissance?
People began to wander about the anatomy of the human body
Why is the term "renaissance" significant?
Renaissance refers to a movement in Europe that started in the 1500s in Italy. There was a greater interest in art, architecture, and literature and is used to describe the type of work that was produced at that time. The word means rebirth or reawak