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Do you know which city gave birth to the Renaissance? Are you a fan of Renaissance art? Can you name two or three paintings by Leonardo da Vinci? Do you know where to find the Sistine chapel? Any idea who were the Medici? Are you aware of the scientific advances made by Galileu Galilei?

Or can’t understand what is Shakespeare doing among all the Italians? What bell does the word “David” ring to you? Does it evoke a Renaissance masterpiece of endless beauty or just the image of an ugly school pal? Take our Renaissance quizzes and discover how much you actually know. If you’re truly an expert, prove it here! If you’re in the dark at this topic, find some light! If you’re somewhere in between, play now and get carried to one of the most splendid and outstanding periods of human history! Enjoy!

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  • One book, Utopia was about how all mankind should be treated equally and how everyone should work together to achieve happiness. It was written by which person?
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  • An intellectual movement that focused on the potential acheivements of people
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  • What character traits do you have?

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