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"To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing." Do you know who said this famous line? Right! It's Martin Luther, probably the most influential figure in the Protestant Reformation during the 16th century.

If you got that right, then you must be the history genius we're looking for! How much do you know about the Reformation? When did it all begin? Do you know its influence on other countries like Scotland, France, and Spain? If you're good at history and religion, then you must attempt our quizzes on reformation! You'll breeze through them for sure.

In retrieved reformation is an interesting read that follows the life of Jimmy Valentine a gangster who finds love and plans to leave his criminal life behind. Jimmy Valentine ends by doing a good deed that actually him in a good...

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  • Sample Question
    In “A Retrieved Reformation,” what does Jimmy Valentine do in prison that helps him when he decides to go “straight”?

                   Enter the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.   question.

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  • Sample Question
    In “A Retrieved Reformation,” what does Jimmy Valentine do in prison that helps him when he decides to go “straight”?

Quiz about Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and their role in the Reformation of the Christian Church

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  • Sample Question
    What was the reason that Henry VIII became the head of the Church in England?

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    Name the person who wrote a book about his experiences in Asia.  He also brought back goods from Asia to Europe.

What caused Erasmus to want to reform within the Catholic Church?

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Reformation Questions & Answers

Why does Jimmy ask Annabel for the rose shes wearing before he cracks open the safe in a retrieved reformation?
In O.Henry’s ”A Retreived Reformation,” the main characters are Jimmy and Annabel. Jimmy is known as being a person who used to get in trouble with the law. His crimes usually included being able to pick locks and open safes to stea
What was the worst punishment for being named a heretic by the Catholic Church?
The answer to this question is B. There are some people who are considered to be heretics which means that these people are not very keen on religion. They sometimes have beliefs depending on what other people have said. They may not follow what the
The basic premise of the Protestants was?
1. Man can reach salvation through his/her own good works and not by buying ritualistic selling of indulgences
Why doesn't Ben Price not arrest Jimmy Valentine(in 'A Retrieved Reformatio')?
Because jimmysaved agatha from the vault and ben didnt want no one to know who jimmy really is.