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A network protocol is how computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices “communicate” with each other. Protocols are messages, limits, results, and exceptions sent between devices. Different computer languages support different protocols – can you name three different computer languages that support protocols?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the basis for data flow on the Internet, while File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files over the Internet. Can you name a few other popular protocols? Students of computer science and engineering spend many hours learning protocols, how they work, and how to write them. Are you a protocol whiz or are you still studying the text books? No matter where you’re at in your protocol knowledge, our quizzes are the perfect way to learn more and further your studies.
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    What are the names of the models in software’s canonical model structure?

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    ____ uses PPP to encapsulate traffic for transmission across network using a secure socket layer (SSL) connection.

Quiz on Poisoning, Behavioral and Environmental emergencies

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    Which positions are appropriate and acceptable in order to restrain an emotionally disturbed patient?

What Do You Know About SIP-VoIP? These trivia questions are perfect for a person that gets a hard time differentiating the two and how they work. Thanks to VoIP, it is possible to make calls over the internet, and the sip is used...

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    What name is given to a device that performs conversion between the VoIP world and traditional telephony?

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Protocol Questions & Answers

What is the difference between RPC and SOAP?
The most popularly used among the web services are RPC, or Remote Procedure Call and SOAP, or Simple Object Access Protocol. XML RPG is a technology created for accessing information over the internet. An example is when an XML RPC message is deliver
What is the difference between FTP and TFTP?
FTP is the short form of File Transfer Protocol, while TFTP is the short form of Trivial Files Transfer Protocol. Both are used for transferring files. The major difference between FTP and TFTP is that the transmission of files by both protocols does
What is the difference between SSH and SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is typically used to make sure that the connections that people may have on the internet are more secure. It will be useful to ensure that the security of people are safe when they check out certain websites.
What is the difference between PPTP and L2TP?
First, you must know what VPN stands for, which is a virtual private network. PPTP and L2TP are popular virtual private network security tunneling protocols. These protocols establish fast and secure connections between two endpoints. PPTP is the mos
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