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Which part of an insurance policy sets the rules of conduct, duties, and obligations of the insured and insurer under the terms of the contract?
Sheri A.Declarations the conditions states the ground rules of the contract and spells out the responsibilites and obligiations of both the insurance company and the insurred.
What is the speed of US in soft tissue closest to?A. 1.540 km/secB. 1.54 km/msecC. 1.500 m/sD. 1.540 mm/sec
Isn't 1.540 km (kilometers) the same as 1,540 meters? So that's 1540 m/s which is the average speed of sound in soft tissue.
What should you do if your pedal sticks and you cannot pull it up with your shoe?
C is the best answer to this question. If in case of the pedal sticks, you should shift into neutral then find the right place to pull over and stop your car. When something is wrong with your car, you should not try to bring it out already as you ma
What hours are considered to be nighttime for the purposes of driving?
The answers to this question are B and C. Nighttime driving is considered to be one hour after sunset or 12 midnight whichever happens earlier up to one hour before sunrise or 5 AM depending on which is later. There may be some differences in the rul