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Do you think you know your hockey trivia? Any real ice hockey fan knows that the New York Rangers play in Madison Square Garden, but did you know that they are one of the oldest teams in the NHL? They joined the league in 1926! They are part of a group sometimes called The Original Six. Can you name the other teams included in that group? If you guessed the Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Montreal Canadiens then you really are a fan!
They are known as the first NHL team to skate away with the Stanley Cup, but do you know how many other Cups they’ve won? Did you know that the Rangers have 48 players, 9 builders, and 2 broadcasters that have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame? If you think that you can answer these questions then try out some of our quizzes today!

The Ultimate Challenging Quiz On NHL - New York Rangers

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  • Sample Question
    Which team did New York Rangers goalie Marcel Paille record a shutout against in his NHL debut?

Do you know all the facts about Hockey? Take this quiz and prove yourself!

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  • Sample Question
    Who led the New York Rangers in points for the 1972 postseason?

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  • Sample Question
    Which NHL team did future New York Ranger Ab DeMarco first play with?

How well do you know NHL - New York Rangers? Let’s find out

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  • Sample Question
    What year was New York Ranger Edgar Laprade inducted into the Hall of Fame?

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  • Sample Question
    Which two New York Rangers ranked in the top five in the NHL in points for 1929-30?

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