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Do you think you know your hockey trivia? Any real ice hockey fan knows that the Ottawa Senators are based in Canada, but can you name their division and conference? The current Senators weren’t formed until the 1990s, but did you know that the original Ottawa Senators played in the NHL from 1917 to 1934 and won 11 Stanley Cups during those years? The new Senators haven’t won any Stanley Cups, but can you name the year that they made it to the finals?
Do you know how many division titles they’ve won? Can you name the award that they won in 2003? If you answered 2007, 4, and the President’s Award, then maybe you really are a super fan! If you think you know your stuff, then try yourself out against our quizzes and see how well you do!

Find out if you’re a real Hockey lover in this NHL - Ottawa Senators quiz

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  • Sample Question
    Filip Kuba was traded to the Ottawa Senators in 2008 from which team?

Interested in some trivia on NHL - Ottawa Senators? Let's get kicking

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    What college did 2008 Ottawa Senators rookie camp invitee Mitch O'Keefe attend?

Do you really know everything about NHL - Ottawa Senators hockey team?

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  • Sample Question
    Ottawa Senator Patrick Lalime had what Warner Bros. character on his goalie mask?

How Much do you know about NHL - Ottawa Senators?

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    Who broke the Ottawa Silver Seven's stranglehold of the Stanley cup in 1906?

Brush your knowledge on NHL - Ottawa Senators with these quiz questions.

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  • Sample Question
    Daniel Alfredsson first had 100 points for the Ottawa Senators in which season?

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