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Which one of the following statements is true? Only gentlemen can become members of the club. Many of club members are officers. Some of the officers have been invited for the dinner.
The answer to this is C. It is evident from the statements that only men are invited to become part of the club. Women are not allowed to take part in the club at all. Some of the men are invited to dinner but there are also some who were not able to
What percentage of the alleles for hair length in this population are the long hair (h) allele? With a population of mice, long hair (h) is recessive and short hair (H) is dominant. The population...
The correct answer to this question is 30%. This type of question could be found on both a math or science test. It is related to the Hardy–Weinberg Principle. This principle is also known as HWE or the Hardy–Weinberg law. It is named aft
What is mathematics (and why should we study it)?
Mathematics is a field of study. It includes an array of topics such as change, space, quantity, and structure. Being that it is such a complex field, there is not one definition for mathematics, other than people study it. Mathematics has many subje
Which of the following statement is correct regarding the situation given below?Three ladies X, Y, and Z marry three men A, B, and C. X is married to A. Y isn't married to an engineer. Z isn't...
This is a test of logic and attention to detailed instructions. Options B and D can be ruled out because both contradict the information given in the question. Option C could be correct as there is nothing in the question that rules out the possibili