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By definition mathematics is defined as the science of numbers and their operations. Math is important in every aspect of our society and having wits of it is always useful. Want to show off your numerical knowledge? If you consider yourself a good mathematician then we have cool quizzes for you.

Quantify your brain with questions like: “What is an integer?”, “What are three daily applications of trigonometry?”, “What is the mathematical study of change called?”, “How are complex numbers used in terms of geometry?”, and “How did the Mayans influence modern mathematics?” Don’t let your numbers run out on these quizzes. Prove you’re a mathematician with our fun quizzes today. And always remember to have fun and good luck.
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Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 3511   |  Last updated: Feb 25, 2021
  • Sample Question
    Between two rational numbers:

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 2903   |  Last updated: Nov 14, 2018
  • Sample Question
    The ring election algorithm works by:

The word Mathematics has evolved from the Greek word Mathema which means learning, knowledge, and study. There is no general definition of math and mathematicians use patterns to formulate new conjunctions until the truth has...

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 5563471   |  Last updated: Jun 15, 2021
  • Sample Question
    Who said "The universe can not be read until we learn the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is writte"?

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Questions: 70  |  Attempts: 3009   |  Last updated: Sep 25, 2020
  • Sample Question
    The product of 0.017 and 100 is ____________ (a) 0.00017   (b) 0.0017   (c) 0.017   (d) 1.7


Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 6786   |  Last updated: Oct 26, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Calculate the circumference of a circle with diameter 2m. Use π=3.142

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You have 20 minutes to complete this test, but you MUST complete these questions as fast as you can. You have different types of questions: Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, True/False, Match-Up and Short and Long...

Question:   |  Attempts: 146   |  Last updated: Jul 30, 2021


Question:   |  Attempts: 93   |  Last updated: Jul 16, 2021

COMPETENCY QUIZ: A score of 80% must be reached by all students based on of the Competency quiz (unlimited retakes). This quiz is adapted from 4th grade through 8th grade MCAS test questions.  Retakes will consist of...

Question:   |  Attempts: 56820   |  Last updated: Jun 24, 2021

Do you love math? Math sometimes gets a bad rap as being too hard or too dull of a subject to learn. This quiz attempts to change all that. For this quiz, you must know about place value, how to approximate a decimal number...

Question:   |  Attempts: 1793   |  Last updated: May 31, 2021

Special products is a Mathematical term in which factors are combined to form products. It is called "special" because they do not need long solutions. The Different types of Special Products. 1) Square...

Question:   |  Attempts: 205   |  Last updated: May 24, 2021

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships between side lengths and angles of triangles. The field emerged in the Hellenistic world during the 3rd century BC from applications of geometry to astronomical...

Question:   |  Attempts: 33   |  Last updated: May 21, 2021

Are you any good at mathematics, and would you be able to pass this quiz? Math is a complex and often challenging subject to tackle. Mathematics can help you with your everyday problems, such as balancing your budget and paying...

Question:   |  Attempts: 651   |  Last updated: May 19, 2021

This is a one of a kind mathematical quiz with intermediate to difficult questions.  If your child passes this test, He is a Mathematical Genius! Share this quiz with others so that they can also test their mathematical...

Question:   |  Attempts: 8   |  Last updated: May 18, 2021

Pi—is a symbol in mathematics that is written as the Greek letter for p or π. The approximate value of this important symbol in mathematics is 3.141592. Pi denotes the ratio of a circle's circumference to...

Question:   |  Attempts: 873   |  Last updated: May 17, 2021

In Mathematics, Geometric shapes are the figures which demonstrate the shape of the objects we see in our everyday life. In geometry, shapes are the forms of objects which have boundary lines, angles and surfaces. Take this...

Question:   |  Attempts: 6   |  Last updated: May 7, 2021

Think you are a mathematics expert? Wanna prove your knowledge? This on mathematics quiz may be a challenge for you. This quiz wants you to know how to make a letter the subject of the formula of the relation, find the median,...

Question:   |  Attempts: 2524   |  Last updated: May 6, 2021

Do you think mathematics is complicated, or is it fun for you? If you are good at it, you will likely enjoy solving complex equations and simplifying tables. For this quiz, you should know things such as how to solve for...

Question:   |  Attempts: 2285   |  Last updated: May 6, 2021

How much do you know about the basic mathematics concepts? We need to learn mathematics because it can be applied to our everyday lives. With this quiz, you should comprehend the highest common factor, find it, write a big number...

Question:   |  Attempts: 2326   |  Last updated: May 6, 2021

A hyperbola is an open curve with two branches, the intersection of a plane with both halves of a double cone. The plane does not have to be parallel to the axis of the cone; the hyperbola will be symmetrical...

Question:   |  Attempts: 21   |  Last updated: Apr 30, 2021

Question:   |  Attempts: 226   |  Last updated: Apr 26, 2021

It's time to unleash your mathematical genius? Take our online quiz and solve questions about sets and functions to test yourself and prepare for an upcoming exam.

Question:   |  Attempts: 7   |  Last updated: Mar 31, 2021

How good are your maths skills? Ho was fast can you do the additions, subtractions, or multiplications? Check out our online quiz and test yourself. 

Question:   |  Attempts: 8   |  Last updated: Mar 31, 2021

Check out our online quiz and test your understanding of Differentiation concepts, rules, and solve some simple questions for us.  

Question:   |  Attempts: 13   |  Last updated: Mar 31, 2021

How do you know if a number is rational or irrational? Is 4/5 rational or irrational? Check out our online quiz and attempt some amazing questions to unleash the maths expert.

Question:   |  Attempts: 17   |  Last updated: Mar 31, 2021

Check out our online algebra quiz with questions on the multiplication and division of polynomials to test your knowlegde. With instant feedback, learn if you have got the right answer or not, in a single click. 

Question:   |  Attempts: 8   |  Last updated: Mar 30, 2021

Do you know that the word Fraction is derived from the Latin word fractio meaning 'to break'? A fraction can be a part or any number of equal parts of anything. Check out our online quiz to test how good...

Question:   |  Attempts: 61   |  Last updated: Mar 30, 2021

Love Maths? Check out our online quiz to see how good you are with calculations and measurements.

Question:   |  Attempts: 5   |  Last updated: Mar 30, 2021

Do you know how many inches are there in feet? How many cm are there in a meter? Check out our online math quiz suitable for young kids to help them test their knowledge and revise measurements with every question they attempt.

Question:   |  Attempts: 14   |  Last updated: Mar 26, 2021

How strong are your maths skills? How fast you can solve a problem? Want to check? Take the online quiz and unleash the maths champion out of you. 

Question:   |  Attempts: 5   |  Last updated: Mar 26, 2021