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Is your company HIPAA compliant? Yes, it's the ""Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act"" we're referring to. Whether you're part of ""covered entities"" or ""business associates"", if you're dealing with protected health information, then HIPAA compliance is surely a primary requirement and concern for you. What is your current level of compliance? That's not easy to answer. Why don't you start by checking your level of awareness through these quizzes?

Are you familiar with the terminologies involved? What are the possible violations you are likely to encounter? How do you protect your company as well as providing what’s best for your customers? Do you think you're up to the task? To compliance, and beyond! There’s no turning back now! Start off with these quizzes on HIPAA!

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  • What kind of personally identifiable health information is protected by HIPAA privacy rule?

  • If you suspect someone is violating the facility’s privacy policy, you should:

  • HIPAA security and privacy regulations apply to:

  • What is the abbreviation for HIPPA?
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  • HIPPA is governed by:
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  • Why was HIPPA created and passed:
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  • 1. HIPAA is a federal law enacted to protect the privacy of a patient’s personal and health information and provide for its physical and electronic security.
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  • What is PHI?
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  • Which one do you like?
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  • Which of the following is true regarding a healthcare company complying with the Security Standards?

  • A doctor contracts with an accounting firm to handle her patient e-PHI billing. Which of the following statements is true regarding her relationship with her accounting business associate?

  • Dr. Sanchez is participating in a research study and needs to de-identify his patients' records before sending them to the research team. Which of the following methods could he use to properly de-identify the patients' information so it's not subject to Security Standards?