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These quizzes are still undeveloped yet. Something has popped up and it cannot grow anymore because there are apparently a number of questions. Can you help us deal with this problem? The questions are there and you have to help it reach its maturity right now.

How can you do this? By answering as many of those questions as possible correctly. These are some of the questions that you’ll be up against: An embryo is a multicellular diploid eukaryote in its earliest stage of development, from the time of first cell division until when? In humans, it is called an embryo until how many weeks after fertilization? What is it called 8 weeks after fertilization? Help these quizzes with their growth and find the right answers.
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    The myelin sheaths surrounding cranial and spinal nerves are formed by which of the following cells?

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    Which of the following statements concerning growing primary follicle is CORRECT?

An embryo undergoes a few stages of change, and we got to cover most of them in our previous classes. The quiz below is designed to ensure that each student can be able to identify the different stages of embryo development...

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    The amniotic cavity appears on the eighth day as a slit-like space between the trophoblast and the

The reproductive system and process of human beings is quite an interesting study, and there are different things that we got to understand the whole process. I have prepared a series of tests designed to help you understand each...

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    All of the following structures are necessary for blastocyst implantation EXCEPT?

The cycle through which an egg transforms into a fully formed baby is a wonder and is fun to study. Through the weeks we have been able to study the female and male reproductive system and the integumentary embryo. Take up...

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    The indifferent embryo begins phenotypic sexual differentiation during

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Embryo Questions & Answers

What portion of the blastocyst will give rise to the embryo?
Blastocyst, the structure that is formed in the early development of mammals, possesses an inner cell mass which forms the embryo and an outer layer which surrounds the inner cell mass which then later forms the placenta. The inner cell mass, also kn
Which of the following will form the lens of the eye?
The eye is a sensitive and delicate part of the body. It has a lens over it in order to protect it from dust and dirt from getting into it. Consisting of cells or tissues, this outside layer prevents germs from getting into the eye. Animals such as a
Where are the excretory units of the urinary system derived from?
When a person uses the bathroom, their kidneys and their urinary system are working. Many smaller parts help the urinary system work. One of these parts is the intermediate mesoderm. Consisting of tissues, it helps with the functioning of the urinary
Where are melanocytes derived from?
Melanocytes and neural crest cells are directly associated with one another. Neural crest cells produce melanocytes which in turn produce the color found in your skin. These cells are situated in the skin, ear and heart among some other places. When