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  • In which state would you find "Teapot Dome"?
    Definition question from

  • James A. Garfield was the first President to campaign bilingually. What language, other than English, did he use during campaign speeches?
    Definition question from

  • Which founding father did Thomas Jefferson keep a bust of near his desk at Monticello?
    Definition question from

  • TRUE OR FALSE: A Hare foot is a foot that has toes that are straight and flat when viewed in profile, lacking arch
    Definition question from

  •   TRUE OR FALSE: A flat foot is a foot in which the two center digits are appreciably longer than the outside and inside toes of the foot and the arching of the toes is less marked, making the foot appear longer overall.  
    Definition question from

  • TRUE OR FALSE: Pads are tough, shock-absorbing projections on the underside of the feet; soles
    Definition question from

  • The word, "wail", matches which definition?
    Definition question from

  • The word, "waive", matches which definition?
    Definition question from

  • The word, "week", matches which definition?
    Definition question from

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