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“You are ready for this quiz.” That’s a phrase. Simple as pie, isn’t it? This is how it seems at first glance. Don’t be fooled, though. Phrases can be more intricate than you might think. Feeling confident, ey? Well then, you might be able to answer a few questions about phrases. Are you ready?

Here we go with some sweet sample questions, especially cooked up for you: What’s the head of a phrase? What’s its role? What’s the definition of a verb phrase? What does a subordinator phrase means? Does it seem simple now? If the answer is yes, we invite you to see all the other questions. Take our quizzes and prove that you rule the grammar world!

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  • When Barry was transferred to Kansas City, his company helped his wife to find a job there.

  • A hovercraft crosses a body of water on a cushion of air blown through jets in the underside of its hull.

  • The floor plan of the new house includes one room labeled as an atrium and another called a mud room.

  • You are going to see a movie. You choose...P.S. These are non-existant movies.

  • Choose your least favorite thing out of these...

  • To get ready in the morning you...

  • Identify the participial phrase in the following sentence. Running through the water, the children of the city romped under the spray of the hydrant.
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  • Is the word running in the following sentence a participle? The worker washed his hands in the running water of the stream.
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  • Is the word spinning in the following sentence a participle? Is the spider spinning a web in the barn?
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  • Being a good kicker, Carla tried out for the football team.

  • Glancing at the competitors, she discovered that three of them had on checkered shirts. 

  • Molly's determined pacing showed that she was nervous despite her smiling face.