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What’s in a sentence? Sometimes one word (“No.” “Who?” “Crap.”) and sometimes a whole slew of them (pick any random page in your favorite James Joyce novel for an example).

A sentence expresses an idea, whether that idea is a question, a statement, a command, or a request, by combining one or more words into a cohesive unit. Do you know how to assemble a finely-crafted sentence? How can you avoid problems like comma splices, run-ons, and sentence fragments?

What’s a clause, and how can you combine two or more together to make a coherent sentence? How do you begin and end a sentence with the correct capitalization and the perfect punctuation? Make sure your writing has all the right stuff going on by taking our quizzes about sentences!
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Simple and compound sentences can be distinguished by the number of independent clauses they have. Having covered these different types of sentences you are now expected to clearly identify them. Take up this practice quiz...

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  • Sample Question
    Barbara and Joanne whispered and giggled all night.

The English language is an easy and fun language to learn. There are different ways that you can structure a sentence and get to pass an intended message to the recipient. How good are you at sentence patterns and how they are...

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    Choose the sentence pattern for the following sentence: The restaurant served three kinds of barbeque.


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    If I study, I . . . pass the exam.

The study of English grammar deals with more than just words and what order to place them in; it looks at sentences as a whole as well. In fact, you’ll learn today that sentences can be split into several individual...

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  • Sample Question
    When Marcia was treasurer of her class last year, she was also president.

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Sentence Questions & Answers

Is it a simple or compound sentence?
Compound sentence because clauses are connected with coordinating conjunction.
What is the difference between Prisoner and Inmate?
Prisoner and Inmate are two words that can be used to refer to someone whose liberty to live freely in the society have been taken, and he's now being held at a particular place. Most times, people's knowledge of the two words has always been someone
What type of sentence is the following?
Its a compound sentence because "John went to school today" is an independent cluase, as well as "James remained at home." They both express a complete thought.The sentencehas 2 independent clauses seperated by a ", FANBOY&qu
What type of the sentence is this?
Two subjects and two verbs so it is (Compound verb and subject). So, it is a simple sentence.
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