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What is the official term for sentence structure in the study of linguistics? The earliest known book on grammar dates from which century? How would you describe an adverb? Will you be able to spot the sentence which contains a VSO sentence structure? All these questions and many more are waiting for your answers.
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Information Engineer           SENTENCE STRUCTURE (30 minutes)

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    The sentences below are not complete. There are four options for each question. Choose the best word to complete the sentence and press the button next to itMr. Jones _______ the company since 1990.

In this quiz, we aim to improve and expand upon your existing English repertoire as we offer up questions regarding the appropriate way to structure a sentence, and the words associated with different structures. Let’s see...

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    The math teacher gave us fifty problems for homework tonight.

Quiz on sentence structure- simple, compound, complex, compound-complex

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    What kind of sentence is listed below?  Can you see the Big Dipper clearly with your new telescope?

This is meant to help students identify dependent and independent clauses as well as review the sentence structure.

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    My mother says that I need to eat my vegetables.

Identify each group of underlined words as a prepositional phrase, a dependent/subordinate clause or an independent clause.

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    1.  The librarian took from her desk a new edition of one of the classics.

Sentence Structure Questions & Answers

What tys of sentence is it? I knew she couldnt see me because the timber was too thick, but I felt uncomfortable anyway.
I knew she couldn´t see me- ICbecause the timber was too thick-DCbut I felt uncomfortable anyway-DCIC+2DC= complex
Which Sentence Is A Complex Sentence?
The Musuem of science and industry,which is in Chicago,features as a german sub-marine captured during World War 2.
Which of the following is the complex sentence?
We dressed in our new jackets since the temperature fell so sharply.