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     The SAP ERP system contains many organizational levels, which are responsible for particular functional areas. Which of the following organizational units are only relevant for the Purchase-to-Pay business process? (2 correct answers)

Order to cash is a business process that ensures that once an order is placed arrangements should be made to provide the good or service the customer requested for. This process relies heavily on proper documentation like...

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    Organizational levels of a company correspond to its structure, representing the legal and organizational views of a company. The sales and distributino (SAP SD) application of the SAP ERP system uses several organizational levels that can only represent sales and distributin processes. These are... (4 correct answers)

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    The communication process involves encoding an intended meaning into a message and the receiving and decoding of the message into perceived meaning?


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    What is not a process of DMAIC?

A business process is a collection of linked tasks, which find their end in the delivery of a service or product to a client. Having covered most of these processes throughout the month you are considered capable of answering...

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    A business process can be defined as a set of interrelated tasks linked to an activity that spans functional boundaries.

Business Process Questions & Answers

Which of the following organization levels represent sales and distribution processes? Organizational levels of a company correspond to its structure, representing the legal and...
In a business or company, there are different levels within the company. Each person who works in the company works on a certain level. This is usually based upon their job title and the length of time they have been working for the company. Each lev
What are the two most important reasons to have a minimum width in corridors?
To confirm to fire codes To facilitate access to disabled occupants
What provisions of a disaster plan are most important?
Emergency internal communication procedures Procedures to minimize business loss Procedures to minimize harm and injury of staff and building occupants
What information is most important in a charge back system?
Information needed to explain charges Information that shows financial responsibility