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Is it permissible, under certain conditions, for a consumer reporting agency to reinsert information that has been deleted as a result of a reinvestigation from a consumers file? This...
This is true. There are certain times when deleted information can be put back onto a credit report. However, the Fair Credit Reporting Act has made it much more difficult for these circumstances to occur. Therefore, if you are alerted that it’
What can unauthorized disclosure of information from a consumer report by an employee of a consumer reporting agency result in?
Once in a while, basic information such as name, address, and contact numbers are collected from people when they applied for a service or purchased a product. A consumer reporting agency also collects these personal information from individuals and
Which is the most suitable option here? Suppose we measure the quantity of good X on the horizontal axis and the quantity of good Y on the vertical axis. If indifference curves are bowed inward,...
A is the answer to this question. There are instances when consumers would like to find the right products. In order for companies to know if people are happy with the items that they are offering, they would need to create different charts so that t