Who Are You - Monochronic Or Polychronic?

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Who Are You - Monochronic Or Polychronic? - Quiz

Below you will find 10 set of paired statements, a and b. Read each pair and circle the number of the one which best describes the way you feel or action you would take. Please choose one even if you think that both alternatives are true or possible.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 


    • A.

      People should stand in line so they can be waited on one at a time.

    • B.

      There’s no need to stand in line, since people will be waited on as they are ready for service

  • 2. 


    • A.

      Interruptions can usually not be avoided and are often quite beneficial

    • B.

      Interruptions should be avoided wherever possible; they are inefficient

  • 3. 


    • A.

      It’s more efficient if you do one thing at a time

    • B.

      You can get just as much done working on two or three things at the same time

  • 4. 


    • A.

      It’s more important to complete the transaction (if a meeting has gone beyond the scheduled time)

    • B.

      It’s more important to stick to the scheduled (and continue the meeting at another time)

  • 5. 

    Unexpected things

    • A.

      Unanticipated events are hard to accommodate and should be avoided when possible

    • B.

      Unexpected things happen all the time; that’s life

  • 6. 

    Phone call

    • A.

      You shouldn’t take a telephone call or acknowledge a visitor when you are meeting with another person

    • B.

      It would be rude not to take a phone call or to ignore a visitor who drops by

  • 7. 


    • A.

      You shouldn’t take deadlines too seriously; anything can happen. What’s a deadline between friends?

    • B.

      Deadlines are like a promise; many other things depend on them, so they should not be treated lightly

  • 8. 


    • A.

      It’s important, in a meeting or a conversation, not to become distracted or digress. You should stick to the agenda

    • B.

      Digressions and distractions are inevitable. An agenda is just a piece of paper

  • 9. 

    Too busy

    • A.

      You’re never too busy to see someone; he or she would never understand if turned away

    • B.

      Sometimes you’re just too busy to see people; they will understand

  • 10. 

    Personal talk

    • A.

      Personal talk is part of the job

    • B.

      Personal talk should be saved for after hours or during lunch.

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