How can Businesses Benefit From Facebook Quizzes?


As a huge social media platform that caters to people of all ages, in all industries, and all around the world, Facebook is not just a site where people can make and foster connections, share photos and videos, and play online games. It is also a site businesses can use to reach a much broader audience than is possible using traditional marketing methods, and to provide interactive experiences that fit with the wants and needs of the 21st century consumer.

One excellent method businesses can use to engage consumers on Facebook is quizzes. Facebook quizzes are marketing tools that allow companies to both deliver value to and gain insight about their current and potential customers. Here are five things businesses can do using Facebook quizzes.

Expand their audience reach for little to no cost

How much do you spend to gain impressions through traditional marketing methods? With a Facebook quizzes, you can reach thousands or more new people quickly and at a very low cost. Many online quiz making applications are free to use, and once your quiz is created it is free to post on Facebook. Even if you choose to pay to promote your quiz through Facebook, it will still cost you significantly less than it would to reach the same number of people using other approaches.

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Increase brand awareness through social shares

Likes and shares are the currency of Facebook. The more likes and shares your quiz has, the more people will see it. If your quiz is fun and interesting, more people will share it with their friends, which means an ever-widening circle of “friends of friends” will become aware of and engaged with your brand.

Boost audience engagement

Consumers today want to be engaged. They don’t want to be the passive recipients of information—they want to interact with companies, which is why social media marketing can be so successful. Facebook quizzes can increase the amount of time consumers spend actively engaging with your company, and also keep your audience coming back to your Facebook page and your branded website. Later, when they are ready to make a purchase, your brand will be the first that comes to mind.

Drive traffic to your branded website

For many companies, the main goal of social media marketing is to drive consumers to branded websites. Indeed, this is true of all content marketing efforts, of which Facebook quizzes are just one example. Facebook quizzes can drive traffic to your branded website in a variety of ways. For example, if the quiz is about your specific products, the opportunities for back links are fairly obvious. In addition, when providing feedback, you can refer users to your website to learn more about their results. You can also provide relevant links to other content on your website, like landing pages and blog articles.

Perform market research

Facebook quizzes are an excellent way to learn more about your audience. You can use Facebook quizzes to learn about their demographics, interests, and preferences; to assess their satisfaction with your products; to determine what types of products they are planning to purchase in the future; and much more. Many people are more likely to fill out a quiz on Facebook than they are to click on a link in an email or on your website, so this is an excellent way to obtain a lot of market research with very little hassle (and, as mentioned earlier, very little cost).

Facebook quizzes are a powerful marketing tool companies can use to spread their message far and wide, while also learning more about their audience. There is no time like the present—get started creating your Facebook quizzes for your business today.

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