While SurveyMonkey looks like a great investment for those looking to create quick surveys with the help of templates, it is not the only dynamic tool. ProProfs offers tons of easy-to-use features and is a smart alternative to SurveyMonkey.

ProProfs Quiz Maker starts at $0 (forever free plan) and offers a no-obligation, 15-day free trial on all the paid plans. With its neat and clean interface plus 100+ settings and configurations, you can easily take control of online learning and training like never before with this simple SurveyMonkey quiz alternative.

Here’s a detailed comparison between

ProProfs Quiz Maker vs SurveyMonkey
ProProfs quiz maker
Surveymonkey quiz
Starts at $0
Starts at $0
(Unlimited in only Paid plans)
Designed For
Installation & IT Support
Not required
Not required
Quiz Creation
Ready-to-Use Templates
(100+ professionally designed templates)
Question Library
(100,000+ ready-to-use questions)
Automated Grading
Instant Feedback
Add Powerpoint, Images, Videos & Docs
eCommerce & Sell Quizzes
Design & Experience
Testing & Assessment
Learner Experience
Reporting & Tracking
Data Security & Permissions

Why Choose ProProfs Quiz Maker?

  • Easy quiz creation
    Easy Quiz Creation

    Creating an online quiz is simple with ProProfs. 100+ quiz templates, 100,000+ ready-to-use questions, automated grading, and more.

  • Testing and assessment
    Testing & Assessment

    An online assessment tool to easily create assessments. Shuffle questions and randomize answer options for a unique experience.

  • Report and analytics
    Reports & Analytics

    Track quiz-takers in real-time and obtain learning reports. Analyze quiz results easily. Monitor individual and group progress and generate reports for each learner.

  • White labeling and customization
    White-Labeling & Customization

    Feature your quizzes under your brand name. Add your company logo. Choose from 100+ themes, backgrounds, & fonts, and customize.

  • Learner experience
    Learner Experience

    Give your learners an engaging learning experience by enhancing your quizzes with images, videos, and personalized results.

  • Security and permissions
    Security & Permissions

    100+ settings and smart configurations that let you customize your experience with features like security levels, roles & permissions, notifications, and compliance.

A Few More Surveymonkey Quiz Alternatives for You:


ClassMarker is a great SurveyMonkey alternative that caters to both the business and education sectors. It offers a simple user-interface plus all the settings that are required to create an interactive quiz on the go. You can also customize the quizzes in different ways and brand them.

Additional settings include: Multiple student accounts and custom certificates.

Pricing: Starts at $39.95/month

Mainly built for ongoing business growth, LeadQuizzes is quiz software having features and functionality that make it suitable for building student quizzes as well. It is simple to use and supports different question types.

One of the popular SurveyMonkey competitors, it can be used to create image or text-based questions. You can also use logic-branching, or create a custom quiz within minutes for each of your students and access accurate results or use them to learn more about your audience.

Pricing: Starts at $37/month
3.Riddle Quiz Maker
Riddle Quiz Maker

Riddle Quiz Maker is mainly built for student assessments. It is also designed to be suitable for enterprise and individual use. Using Riddle, you can create a quiz with a mix of different types of questions. You can create fully responsive quizzes, or personality tests using this tool which is similar to SurveyMonkey in several ways. Highly customizable, it is designed for integrated lead generation.

When creating lead quizzes, this alternative to SurveyMonkey lets you collect user responses with a lead form. You can then integrate with a marketing automation tool like MailChimp to segment responses category-wise.

Pricing: Starts at $29/month

TryInteract quiz tool is completely business driven. You can create lead quizzes, use customization to brand those quizzes, capture leads, segment your leads and increase website traffic.

It offers 800+ quiz templates, 40+ quiz categories, lead forms, personalized results, and many more amazing features.

Pricing: Starts at $17/month
5.Opinion Stage
Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is one of the most popular online test makers and SurveyMonkey alternatives. It can be used to create quizzes, surveys, and polls by businesses of all kinds. The USP of the tool is that it’s very user-friendly and you don’t require any technical expertise to use it. It calculates the results of quizzes automatically, which is a major time-saver.

Pricing: Starts at $19/month

That was the list of SurveyMonkey quiz alternatives that you can explore and make a wise choice from. In case you are still unsure which of these is the best online quiz making software, give us a call at our toll-free number (855) 776-7763, and we will try making it easier for you.

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    Brenda Kesler, Ph.D. Business Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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    Wendy VanderMeulen, Administrative Coordinator, Canadian Parking Association

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