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Ever been at war with your neighbor? Do you fight battles at home? Have daily combats at work? Well, that is nothing compared to a world war. People have been fighting each other since forever and have been at war since the beginning of time. Alexander the Great wars, the spreading out of the Roman Empire, the Muslim conquests, the Crusades, the Mongol conquests, the Napoleonic wars, World War I and II… There are battles galore both in human history and in our quizzes! Bring down your brain guns and aim at our questions.

You’ll hit upon the supreme commanders, all sorts of weaponry, maritime, terrestrial and aerial attacks, epic combats, places, dates and much more. Take your best shot, play now!

During World War II, the 'holocaust' term was used due to the annihilation of six million European Jews by Nazi Germany which was a planned murder with the help of local collaborators. Apart from killing Jews,...

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    The word "holocaust" has been used since the 18th century to refer to what?

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    Section of French border that was critical to winning the war.

Have a look at our quiz about the bombing of Dublin

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    How many bombs fell in Dublin on the 31st May 1941?

There is no prophecy whether a World War III will be fought or not, but there have been some great people who believe(d) that it will. Some think it will be for water, whereas some don't agree with it. Well, we just created...

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    How did you get into this War?

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    Who was the musician of Pakistan National Anthem?

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World War Questions & Answers

The word holocaust has been used since the 18th century to refer to what?
The violent deaths of a large number of people because so many Jews died allbecause of the Holocaust.
Why were the major wars called the 'World' Wars?
The major world wars were not originally called world wars. At the time, what is now called World War I, no one was expecting a second war so there was no need to designate it as the first. For many years, in fact, until the 1940’s, the British
Why were the USSR and US at crossroads following the world wars?
The USSR and the US were at crossroads following the world wars for many reasons. From just after the end of World War II until about 1991, this period was known as the Cold War. Neither country wanted to get involved in another physical war. But pol
Which European countries did not participate in any world war?
There were eight countries that remained neutral during World War I: Argentina, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Venezuela, Sweden and Switzerland. There were fourteen countries that remained neutral during World War II: Afghanistan, Andorra, Ire