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The existence of western civilization dates back to the Persian Wars, where the East versus west concept began. As western civilization has progressed, so it has seen the occurrence of such episodes as the Renaissance and the Reformation. How much do you know about these periods in time and their role in the development of western civilization?

If you want to test your knowledge take one of our entertaining western civilization quizzes now. Do you know when and where the Industrial Revolution began? Do you have a lot of knowledge about more recent events in western civilization, such as the development of the European Union, or the end of the Cold War? You’ll find that trying one of our western civilization quizzes is a very civilized way of seeing how much you know. 
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Practice test for Will Aldermans first western civ test.

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    Martin Luther

Some questions to help you prepare for the Western Civilization I CLEP test.

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    Who opposes Henry the II's trial of churchmen in lay courts?

The House of Tudor was an English royal dynasty of Welsh origins that gave five sovereigns to England. The dynasty stretches back as far as the 13th century. What can you tell us about the Tudors? Let’s find out.

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More questions to prepare you for the CLEP.

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    In 721 B.C.E. the ___________ deported the Hebrews from Israel, who vanished as the Ten Lost Tribes of history.

Western civilisation is a term used very broadly to refer to social norms, ethical values, customs, traditions, belief systems, political systems and a host of technologies that originated, at least in part, in Europe. What do...

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    Significant features of the Paleolithic Age include each of the following except


Western Civilization Questions & Answers

What factors led to the rise of neo-Nazi groups in Germany in the 1990s?
East and west germany were reunified as a single nation in 1990. while this provided many new freedoms for germans from the east, the rebuild- ; ing of eastern germany required a huge amount of money. to face these challenges, unpopular new taxes had
Describe the policies of Thatcherism and explain why MargaretThatcher ultimately fell from power.
Margaret thateher became the prime minister of | britain as the head of the conservative party in 1979. she pledged to end inflaion, restrict the influČence of labor unions, and reduce the amount of money invested in britains social welfare sys