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The existence of western civilization dates back to the Persian Wars, where the East versus west concept began. As western civilization has progressed, so it has seen the occurrence of such episodes as the Renaissance and the Reformation. How much do you know about these periods in time and their role in the development of western civilization?

If you want to test your knowledge take one of our entertaining western civilization quizzes now. Do you know when and where the Industrial Revolution began? Do you have a lot of knowledge about more recent events in western civilization, such as the development of the European Union, or the end of the Cold War? You’ll find that trying one of our western civilization quizzes is a very civilized way of seeing how much you know. 

This test will contain infrormation from sections 1a through and including 2a.

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    _______ of years ago in what is now modern Honduras, Copán was a thriving civilization, a center of the cultural life of the Maya.

More questions to prepare you for the CLEP.

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    In 721 B.C.E. the ___________ deported the Hebrews from Israel, who vanished as the Ten Lost Tribes of history.

This test will contain information from the PVHS Western Civilization coursework from sections 2b-3b

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    "Renaissance," French for "______," perfectly describes the intellectual and economic changes that occurred in Europe from the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries.

Practice test for Will Aldermans first western civ test.

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    Martin Luther

The Contemporary Western World, 1970-Present Chapter 28 Test, Form B

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     founder of the Polish national trade union Solidarity

Western Civilization Questions & Answers

How the Anasazi livedThe total population of Pueblo Bonito was probably around _____ people at its height.
This is such a bad question. We can't even say with great certainty what the current population of a county in the U.S. is even with modern census techniques. Even if we new the exact population, having students know that there was 1,200 rather than
Describe why They wanted to find a new trade route?
A new trade route would give a sense of pathways and stoppages that would make transporting cargo a lot faster and easier.
Significant features of the Paleolithic Age include each of the following except
1. Scavenging and hunting for food was no longer necessary