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Tax! It’s something most of us hate but it is ubiquitous in most societies. Maybe after years and years of paying it, you now consider yourself something of a tax expert; maybe you are the dreaded taxman himself! Either way, test yourself with our fantastic tax quizzes! These quizzes are sure to test you, and probably intrigue you too! Some of the questions you will be coming up against are: In what sense does the legal and economic definition of tax differ? What does in kind mean? When and where was the first taxation system used?

Can you name three different types of obsolete forms of taxation? What happened during the Poll Tax Riots in the United Kingdom? Think you know the answers? Take these quizzes and find out now! Tax is much more interesting than you think, believe us!
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    What is the full cost of an item that costs $9.00 with a 7% sales tax?


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    Generally, every taxpayer that files a tax return must use an identifying number. Which of the following is NOT a Taxpayer Identification Number for IRS purposes?

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    What is Adjusted Gross Income?

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    John is a 23-year-old single college student. His mother is entitled to claim him as a dependent on her tax return. Is John entitled to claim himself as a personal exemption on his own return?

Quiz to check understanding and memorization regarding taxes and kineses; Year 13 BIO

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    A TAXIS is a ___________ response to a stimulus.

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Tax Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Eclipse GST and GSX?
Eclipse GST or Grand Sport Turbo and GSX or Grand Sport X, are two models of the eclipse. The two models of eclipse share a lot of things in common, most especially when you compare their engines and stylings. Eclipse GST is an example of vehicles th
What is the difference between CPI and RPI?
CPI stands for Consumer Price Index, while the full meaning of RPI is the Retail Price Index. They are two economic measures used to determine inflation, but they are different in several aspects. The CPI and RPI are calculated with the use of distin
What is the difference between Direct and Indirect Taxes?
Direct and Indirect Taxes are both taxes that are levied under the authority of the government. They are the crucial components of government revenue and the economy at large. The primary difference between direct tax and indirect tax is for a taxpay
What is the difference between Tax Evasion and Avoidance?
Foremost, note that tax avoidance and tax evasion are two major methods for minimizing your tax. Now, if your choice is tax avoidance, that means you are trying to reduce the tax amount that you are originally required to pay, and still, you do not g
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