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Tax Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Direct and Indirect Taxes?
Direct and Indirect Taxes are both taxes that are levied under the authority of the government. They are the crucial components of government revenue and the economy at large. The primary difference between direct tax and indirect tax is for a taxpay
What is Trump's new Tax plan?
Trump’s new tax plan is a mish-mosh of rumors and reality. Much of the change isn’t seen in the amount of money that the average American would be paying in taxes. The only change that could be seen on the taxes before any deductions woul
Why did Trump change tax plan?
The main goal of Trump’s new tax plan was to cut taxes for the middle class. These have had a sticky history in America, and tax cuts for the wealthy tend to make it through Congress faster than anything else because the wealthy have the money
What form of tax is generally paid with work rather than money?
Corvee is the name of a type of taxes that are paid with work rather than money. In the case of corvee a worker will exact a day of work to pay for taxes. They will not get paid otherwise but the labor is not considered to be free labor because it is